Theme project

The film is depicting a drama of the fated encounter of two strong personalities, whose impact on Czech history has been fundamental.


It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the Czechoslovak Republic would not have come into existence without Charlotta.


Mission of project

The project will investigate why:

Charlotta radically influenced TGM’s worldview
and turn of mind,

Charlotta inculcated him with a conviction that it is necessary to serve his country,

Charlotta prevented him from emigrating into the USA,
two times, in 1879 for the first time and during the Hilsner scandal for the second time, Masaryk’s experience from America opened his mind for democracy.


Without Charlotta, Masaryk would have never been the TGM. The film will apply a kind sense of humour to remind us of ethics which – almost forgotten today – yet used to be taken for granted in Charlotta’s days: faithfulness, internal honesty, a handshake for a deal without any need of contracts, and, of course, the motto “no fear and no stealing”.